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We offer a focused list of wines and whiskies in our ONLINE SHOP for delivery to many destinations here in Louisville. We require a $30 minimum and strive to deliver within 48 hours. Whether you’d like to send a gift to someone special, have a few bottles sent to your home, or stock up for a party, we can deliver it for you!


If you’re having a wedding or a large party that you’d like us to consult on, please fill out our Special Events Inquiry Form here or give us a call to discuss.


Single Barrel Bourbon Picks

Here in the heart of Bourbon Country, we are serious about Bourbonism and our bourbon. We maintain a healthy selection of great bourbons, from renowned Kentucky distilleries such as: Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, Maker’s Mark, Heaven Hill, Four Roses, and Barton 1792. We also carry bottles from up and coming distilleries such as New Riff Distilling and Wilderness Trail. Another interesting and integral part of our Kentucky bourbon selection is our Barrel Pick Program. At The Wine Rack, we hand pick several barrels per year by visiting distilleries and tasting straight from the barrels themselves. These “store picks” are bottled and labeled for us, and we offer them to you at various times during the year.  We firmly believe that these are some of the best, and most fairly priced,  barrel picks on the market!

We keep our shelves regularly stocked with great values such as Evan Williams and Old Forester, as well as premiums like Basil Hayden’s and Elijah Craig, with plenty more on both ends and in between. Want to delve deeper into the magical spirit we love so much? Check out our friends’ very informative podcast, Bourbon Pursuit.

Featured Wines – 12 around $12

  1. Chateau Virgile Rose  $11.99
  2. Giesen Sauvignon Blanc $10.99
  3. Masciarelli Montepulciano D’Abruzzo $11.99
  4. Charles Smith “Velvet Devil” Merlot $11.99
  5. Kermit Lynch Languedoc Rouge  $11.99
  6. Confidencial Portuguese Red $11.99
  7. “Heritages” Cotes du Rhone Rouge $12.99
  8. Chateau La Freynelle Bordeaux Blanc $12.99
  9. Los Vascos Estate Chardonnay $10.99
  10. Perrin  Cotes du Rhone Rouge  $11.99
  11. Sean Minor 4 Bears Cabernet Sauvignon $13.99
  12. Barossa Valley Estates GSM $11.99