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We offer a focused list of wines and whiskeys in our ONLINE SHOP or you can view our full inventory via our delivery partner MINIBAR for delivery to many destinations here in Louisville. The Wine Rack does require a $30 minimum and strives to deliver within 24 hours of order placement. Whether you’d like to send a gift to someone special, have a few bottles sent to your home, or stock up for a party, we can deliver it for you!

If you’re having a wedding or a large party that you’d like us to consult on, please fill out our Special Events Inquiry Form here or give us a call to discuss.

NOTE: This week we will be hosting a Zoom tasting Famille Perrin.


Thursday, January 21st, 2021 at 6:00pm. 
Join Zoom Meeting on Thursday with info below:

Zoom Link: http://bit.ly/WRJan21Tasting
Meeting ID: 837 4695 2100
Passcode: 427201

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