A monthly subscription service for wine enthusiasts
designed to delight palates from A to Z

With its vast selection of domestic and global wines and spirits at the ready seven days a week in-store, online, and via curbside pickup, Crescent Hill’s The Wine Rack has announced an all-new wine discovery concept for its many wine curious customers and friends Otto’s Wine Club

Otto’s Wine Club members can choose from seven (7) different subscriptions each month, professionally curated by The Wine Rack’s Founder and Sommelier John Johnson. Members will experience John’s diverse and often eclectic, but always on-the-mark selections.  The theme for May will be Italian wines, with the following subscriptions available from the land where vino is a way of life:

  1. Two Whites, $30
  2. Four Whites, $60
  3. Two Reds, $35
  4. Four Reds, $70
  5. One White & One Red, $33
  6. Three Whites & Three Reds, $95
  7. Two Sparkling, $38

All Otto’s Wine Club orders may be picked up in-store or delivered with a nominal $5.00 delivery fee. 

And what about that name, and who exactly is Otto? As John explains, “Naming a wine club after a dog may seem silly but appealing to all the dog lovers who also love wine; OK, true on both counts, but there is more to this story. Otto Von Biederman is the coolest dog I’ve ever known, and I’ve known many dogs. He was part of a package deal when I started dating my wife, Kate, back in 2012,” said Johnson, “After we were married the next year, we lived in the apartment above The Wine Rack for three years, which had a small rooftop deck on which Otto was quite fond of lounging regularly. Most evenings, I’d be busy doing my thing in the shop while Otto would happily look down from the deck, making his presence known to all the customers. Never shy, Otto quickly became known as “Otto the Roof Dog,” or more fittingly, “Otto the Wine Dog,” Johnson explains. “So, of course, the seed was planted to have Otto play a role at the store.  After all, Otto is a lover of life, all things tasty!”

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The Wine Rack is located at 2632 Frankfort Avenue in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky’s eclectic Crescent Hill neighborhood. Since opening in 2003, it is a top-of-the-list destination for those looking to find the best wine and spirits from across the globe. Proprietor John Johnson received his sommelier certification through the International Wine & Spirits Guild. He enjoyed nothing more than interacting with his loyal clientele, introducing them to his vast selection of wine and spirits in-store and online at Follow The Wine Rack on social media at and